Busken® Breakfast Sammy: Scrambled Egg, American Cheese with Bacon, Ham or Goetta served on a Busken® Egg Bun ($4.00).

The Breakfast Taco: Scrambled Egg, Pepperjack Cheese with Bacon, Ham, Chorizo or Goetta served with house Salsas on a Corn or Flour Tortilla ($3.00).

Chef's Jumbofied Platter: 2 Eggs with Bacon, Ham, or Goetta, Fresh Fruit, Hashbrowns and Toast ($8.00).

Porkopolis Platter: 3 Eggs, Bacon, Ham, Goetta, Carnitas AND Chorizo. Served with a side of Hashbrowns and Toast ($11.00).

Omelette: Bacon, Ham, Goetta, Carnitas or Chorizo. American, Swiss, Pepperjack, Cheddar, Parmasean or Blend. Fresh Seasonal Vegetables available for substitution of meat. Make it a Porkopolis for just $3.00 (add all meats). Served with toast ($7.00).

A la carte:
• Fresh Fruit ($3.00)
• Toast with Jam/Butter ($1.00)
• Meat ($3.00)
• Hashbrowns ($3.00)


SXE® Soft Serve/Sorbet: ($4.00)
• Strawberry
• Sea Salt Carmel

Raw Snacks® ($4.00)
• Cranberry Cashew
• Apricot Cinnamon
• Goji Cacao
• Blueberry Vanilla


• Soda: Coke®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, and Ginger Ale ($2.00)
• Milk: White and Chocolate ($2.00)
• Tea: Ice Tea and Hot Tea ($2.00)
• Juice: Orange Juice, Lemonade and Cranberry Juice ($2.00)
• Hot Chocolate and Coffee ($2.00)
• Sparkling Water ($2.00)